Employment Information

Dear Candidates and Prospective Employees,

The Akoben Collectives - Community Schools (ACCS) is an African heritage, Diasporan centered, community based and inspired effort to establish an additional, viable, advanced, engaging, and safer educational choice for our City’s children, and for those children of families from across Pennsylvania. Our organization is a not-for-profit educational and charitable organization, being designed to provide a first-rate, up-to-date, 21st Century education for students from diverse backgrounds. The Akoben Collectives - Community Schools shall provide educational services and supports to students from grades K through 12 through progressive learning curricula, onsite education models, and Rites of Passage Systems for socialization. And we’re pleased in your interest in applying for a position with our school.

The Human Resources and Recruitment Committee of the Akoben Collectives - Community Schools will be scheduling interviews for prospective employees. Open positions include administrators, principals, teachers, counselors, Non-Teaching Assistants (Rites of Passage Jegna), etc. Subsequent trainings for successful candidates will be held throughout final planning sequence in the Winter of 2019. And the Akoben Collectives - Community Schools will then be opening in late August 2020.

Enclosed with this letter are the standard application for employment and several document templates that must be completed in order to schedule an interview. Please submit, in your application, any active copies of these background and clearance documents. Additionally, we will require you to submit verification documentation to complete this first phase of the application process. Please complete this packet and return it to us collectively, as soon as possible.

 The enclosed documents are:

Akoben Collectives - Community Schools Prospective Employee Application; and

Pennsylvania (PA) Criminal Records Check (PA State Police); and

Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Public Welfare (DPW) Child Abuse Clearance; and

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Background Clearance Brochure and Contact information; or

● Affidavit (temporarily in lieu of checks and clearances for 90 days, only. Must be notarized.

See completion instructions on the form.).

The additional, required documents are:

● Cover Letter

● Resume and/or Vita

Official College Transcript, Stamped and Sealed;

Copy of Instructional Licenses and/or Supervisory Certificate(s)

Copy of Government Issued Identification (State driver’s license, State ID/Non-Driver’s License, etc.)

The appointment for an interview will be scheduled once we have received the application and the completed/requested documentation listed above. Please know and understand that as positions are filled for the 2020-2021 School Year (SY), all other viable candidates shall have their documentation stored in an active, professional resources file for a period of two (2) academic years starting from the date of submission.

 Please send all correspondences to:

Akoben Collectives - Community Schools

c/o Human Resources and Recruitment Committee

6024 Ridge Avenue, Suite 116-407

Philadelphia, PA 19128

267.270.2206 (O);

Or electronically complete, send and/or email clearly scanned documents (PDF, TNG, etc.) to:

Akoben Collectives - Community Schools at:

AkobenCCS@gmail.com, or


Our team-leaders for professional recruitment will contact all candidates and prospective employees directly regarding an appointment for an interview, with the location, time, and date(s) available, and will help to determine a mutually agreeable date and time for the meeting.

Thank you for your time and attention to this letter, the enclosed requirements and required forms to be completed, and the requests for additional documentation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you have at the address listed above, at AkobenCCS@gmail.com (email), by calling us at 267.270.2206 (O).