Student Enrollment (Prospects)

The Akoben Cyber Charter School (ACCS) is surveying prospective students and parents' interests in enrollment with this initiative. Students and parents' interests will be surveyed through the completion and submission of the Survey Form (linked below). Submission of this survey DOES NOT enroll any pupil. Official enrollment will occur once the charter has been awarded, and the Akoben Cyber Charter School receives authorization from the PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education).

2012 – 2013 AY    ••••    Survey Form    ••••    2012 – 2013 AY


Please print this survey, complete it, seal in an envelope and return it to the

Student Enrollment Committee by postal mail, email, scanned and/or directed email, or fax to:


Akoben Cyber Charter School

c/o Student Enrollment Committee

6024 Ridge Avenue, Suite 116-407, Philadelphia, PA 19128;; 267.270.2206 (O); 267.247.3049 (F).


Please print or type your response. Use one form per prospective student from anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Fall Openings will be for 5th, 6th and 7th Grades, Only!! Multiple children and siblings welcomed!!

(Duplicate/print as many of these forms as are necessary.)

Horace Arthur Trent III,
Mar 10, 2012, 11:38 PM