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Activities, Programs, and Events


Each student, upon enrollment in and attendance at the school site(s), must first build their own Personal Computer (PC) from ‘scratch’. This computer will be one of the beginning STEM Academy's projects. The task inducts each student into an advanced education and training sequence with goals in attaining skills for life long learning and career development. The sequences will then include Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technical Skills and Trades, Mathematics, Sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.), Computer Science and Programming, Information Technology, Education, Robotics, and Drone Quad-Copter and Autonomous Systems (i.e., Aerial, Aquatic, Terrain, etc.).

Globe Trekkers’ Academy:

Students and their parents are invited to attend various expeditions and standard trips throughout the year. Expeditions include trips to cities throughout the United States of America, and will also include trips to Africa, and the Caribbean.

World Languages and African Heritage:

Youth participants will develop skills to speak fluent Mandenkan, Swahili, Twi, Espanõl (Spanish), French, Portuguese, German, Latin, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), and Medu En Ra En KMT (Ancient Egyptian Language using Hieroglyphics)!! Then, students shall be immersed in cultures and locations where they will speak the language of that region!! Global African History, Advanced Numeracy, Financial Literacy, Cultural Artistic Instruction, and Leadership Training Institutes are a few of the African Heritage Academies at AkobenCCS.

Post Secondary, College and Career Preparation:

Students participate in post-secondary preparation academies. These will include ACT/SAT/ASVAB preparation, and completion of college/university/tech and trade school applications. Students will visit colleges and universities, and take part in math, reading, and writing assessments to get their skills onto the college, tech/trades, or armed forces' levels needed.


Students will be eligible to participate in AAU (i.e., Amateur Athletic Union), inter-scholastic, and intramural athletics associations' sports programs that include, but are not limited to, the following: Football; Basketball; Baseball; Soccer; Gymnastics; Swimming; SCUBA Diving; Skiing; Snowboarding; Snow-Tubing; Boxing; Martial Arts; Archery; Riflery; Biking; Spinning; Horseback Riding; All Terrain Vehicles (ATV); Track and Field; Rock Climbing; Rappelling; Cross Country; Wrestling; Fishing; Hiking; Wilderness Survival; Orienteering; Sailing; etc.